3.2.6 – 15th July 2016
  • Bug Fix – Fix Multinational ASIN handling in the shortcode, blanks & ‘-‘ parsed correctly.
  • Bug Fix – Fix key validation for non-UK registered affiliates
  • Feature – Add support for Mexico
3.2.5 – 25th June 2015
  • Bug Fix – Validate AWS Keys in all locales.
  • Bug Fix – Tidy up ip2nation installer, in support of MaxMind alternate
  • Update – Update the Default Templates to use the new Amazon Widget URLS
  • Feature – ‘Count’ keyword for multi ASIN links
  • Feature – ‘alt’ option to return ‘AlternateVersions’ of an Item
  • Feature – Allow User names as well as IDs in the ‘Author’ Channel Filter
  • Feature – Add support for links to an book’s author’s Biography %BURL% and %BLINK_OPEN%
  • Feature – Update Amazon Link Images Extra to use image modifiers (e.g. SL800 More) not just size (e.g. 800)
  • Feature – Add filters to change the country map, locales available to allow removal of support for specific locales.
  • Policy – Plugin Extras linked to Developer Support Option
3.2.4 – 24th June 2014
  • Bug Fix – Save Affiliate IDs on Setup Screen.
3.2.3 – 11th May 2014
  • New Feature – Add ‘home_links’ option to show default locale links if product not available locally, and hide price if not relevant for that locale.
  • Bug Fix – Correct US iframe image – %RCM% keyword.
3.2.2 – 9th April 2014
  • New Feature – New Setup page to help new users configure the plugin
  • New Feature – Add support for Brazil locale
  • New Feature – Add settings to allow the ‘Add Amazon Link’ form to have pre-configured defaults
  • Bug Fix – Correction to iframe localised subdomains
  • Bug Fix – Tweek the way Amazon data is escaped to show HTML in the Editorial Comments
  • Bug Fix – Remove depreciated screen_icons
  • Bug Fix – Ensure ‘Link Text’ is put into the shortcode when link inserted into a post
  • Bug Fix – Prevent PHP timeouts when install the ip2nation database
  • Bug Fix – Ensure multinational links are ‘nofollow’
  • Bug Fix – Escape the ‘&’ in the link URLs
3.2 – 12th March 2014
  • New Feature – Experimental ‘live search’, use a shortcode using s_title, s_index, s_author to create a wishlist of search results.
  • Bug Fix – Improve separation of backend and frontend functionality
  • Bug Fix – Fix bug with Template Export encoding function
  • Bug Fix – Ensure ‘Extra’ plugins are Deactivated before Uninstalling
  • Bug Fix – Improve performance of User Channel lookups
  • Bug Fix – Rework parsing of shortcode arguments and settings
  • Other – Updates to match WordPress coding standard
  • Other – Update Amazon Java based Templates to match new subdomains
  • Compliance – Improve visibility of use of plugins own affiliate IDs
  • 3.1.2 – 16th December 2013
    • New Feature – Add keyword for URL, RURL & SURL as per LINK_OPEN but just the URL.
    • New Feature – Experimental ‘Shortcode Cache’ to attempt to reduce load on high traffic sites
    • Bug Fix – Make Media Library Image Search Optional to reduce server overhead
    • Bug Fix – Ensure Image Upload works when ‘images’ extra installed.
    • Bug Fix – Update ‘wishlist’ styles to allow variable height items.
    • Bug Fix – Fix Wishlist selection of post categories
    • Bug Fix – Update ip2nation to use WP functions to get & extract the database
    • Bug Fix – Fix clash with other plugins and Amazon Link Settings Menus
    • Bug Fix – Fix clash with ‘Category Sticky Posts’
    • Other – Rework Channel selection to use live product data

    This release of the plugin is a major rework of the internals to make it simpler to customise the behaviour of the plugin. Please take the usual precautions when upgrading (backup Database, etc.). Please read the Upgrade Guide.

    • New Feature – Re-organised Settings pages and update Contextual Help
    • New Plugin (BETA) – Add ‘Redirect links’ an ‘Extras’ plugin to create links in the form that auto redirect to the appropriate Amazon site.
    • New Plugin (BETA) – Add a database of predefined shortcodes accessed using a unique References ID
    • New Plugin (BETA) – Add a facility to search for and replace shortcodes in post content
    • New Plugin (BETA) – Add a facility to change the size of the images retrieved from Amazon
    • New Feature – Ability to Export existing templates to a plugin file
    • New Feature – Add new keywords PUB_KEY, BUY_BUTTON
    • New Feature – Add new Amazon Link type ‘URL’ so can manually specify the link destination
    • New Feature – Add simple Rules to Channels
    • New Feature – Option to disable User specific Affiliate IDs
    • New Template – ‘Add To Cart’ Template added
    • Bug Fix – Change the way templates are processed, to improve page performance
    • Bug Fix – Update settings page to correctly handle 1 or 2 column mode
    • Bug Fix – Update multinational ‘popup’ to reposition itself if not in correct screen location.
    • Bug Fix – Remove various warnings when DEBUG enabled, and some CSS errors
    • Bug Fix – Conditionally add contextual help based on WordPress version
    • Other – Rework plugin to allow more customisation of the data retrieved and how it is displayed.
    • New Feature – Amazon Link Helper Box added to all custom Post types
    • New Feature – Add ‘Extra’ plugin manager to allow installation of user provided features, e.g. The addition of an ‘%Editorial%’ keyword to display Amazon ‘Editorial Review’ content
    • New Feature – Add ability to change the ASINs used to generate the template previews
    • Bug Fix – correct multi-ASIN argument handling
    • New Feature – Add basic contextual help to the plugin Settings page.
    • New Feature – Validate AWS keys when entered on the Setting page.
    • New Feature – Add support for ‘Link to Reviews’ rather than the product in templates
    • New Feature – Add ‘rel=”nofollow”‘ to all links.
    • Bug Fix – Check for Creation Date when checking the ip2nation database, thanks to Ken Paulson for spotting
    • Bug Fix – Position of ‘multinational popup’ made more consistent
    • New Feature – Simple Template Manager
    • New Feature – Amazon Product Cache to speed up page loading
    • New Feature – Add ‘Template Type’ option to identify templates that require no ASIN, or Multiple ASINS.
    • New Feature – Search using by ‘ASIN’ if ‘Title’ and ‘Author’ fields blank
    • New Feature – ‘country’ modifiers (UK#, DE#, US#, etc.) for Template keywords.
    • New Feature – ‘country’ specific shortcode modifiers ([uk], [de], [us], etc.) for any Shortcode keyword.
    • Templates Update – Add ‘Amazon Impression Tracking’ to templates
    • Templates Update – Add ‘Easy Banner’ template example
    • Templates Update – Add ‘Amazon Preview Script’ template, add to the bottom of your post/page or include in your theme’s footer
    • Templates Update – Add ‘Multinational’ template, example of using ‘country’ modifiers.
    • Bug Fix – Fix filtering of incomplete tags.
    • Bug Fix – Move ‘aws_signed_request’ into the Class to avoid name clash with ‘premiumtheme’, thanks to pst61 for spotting.
    • New Feature – Amazon search links for non-local links
    • Bug Fix – Fix so that searches from all Search Indices return valid results.
    • Bug Fix – Extra checks on ip2nation lookup failures.
    • Bug Fix – Extract price information from OfferListing, LowestNew, LowestUsed and then ItemAttributes. Thanks to Matthew for spotting.
    • Fix US localisation of image iframe template – addition of RCM template item
    • Add support for
    • Improve localisation of image iframe template – addition of MPLACE_ID template item
    • Add Affiliate ID channels and User Affiliate ID settings
    • Facility to set Affiliate channel by Author or manually in each shortcode.
    • Bug fix – Italian AWS API Version Increment
    • Bug fix – Fix php ‘Notice’s when WP_DEBUG is enabled
    • Add extra support for and
    • Add ‘found’ tag to templates to indicate if product is listed on Amazon, and updated default templates to make use of this.
    • Bug fix – not displaying ‘$’ prices correctly
    • Bug fix – not linking to default locale correctly
    • Make template names case insensitive
    • Added debug output option to help diagnosis of problems
    • Add notes to options page to highlight AWS requirements
    • Disable Search options on page/post edit screens if AWS keys not entered
    • Bug Fix – Only do ‘live’ data lookups when activated
    • Bug Fix – Improve ability of shortcode settings to override global settings when generating template links
    • Bug Fix – If product not available in locale, use author’s locale. Thanks to Sandie for highlighting.
    • Bug Fix – Improve handling of failed ASIN lookups. Thanks to Matt for bring to my attention.
    • Bug Fix – Correct usage of activation hook, and add upgrade checks
    • Tidy up options so that default affiliate ID’s are not displayed and removed redundant ‘remote_images’ option.
    • Fix bug with plugin activation outputting characters – Thanks to Viktor Leberecht for highlighting.
    • Fix bug when creating the default templates – Thanks to Tobias Hartmann for spotting.
    • Add template facility, with pre-designed templates for most Amazon widgets
    • Add ability to create multiple links from one shortcode
    • Add shortcode processing in widgets
    • Add an option to make the links open in a new window when clicked on by a reader.
    • Add an option to set the length of the wishlist displayed

    Default to using .com for aws requests when user has configured Italian or Chinese as the default domain. Note requires WordPress version 3.1 for this release.


    Add support for images into the shortcode, as well as the ability to add images to the WordPress media library.


    Rework ip2nation download function


    Add support for China and Canada Associates sites, fix ip2nation status check bug.


    Change the multinational link to use less in-line javascript.


    Added a simple widget to the post & page new/edit screen to assist in adding shortcodes to posts, providing a facility to search Amazon.


    Add link localisation through IP address lookup, and support for all 6 amazon affiliate sites not just one via a image popup.


    Improve options page processing.


    Move options page into ‘Options’ section.
    Corrected stylesheet content, updated styles & provide facility to override the stylesheet.
    Add internationalisation hooks into plugin.


    First Release